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Hello, I am TITANOSAUR, You may call me Titan, or by my dragonsona Titanus. whichever tickles your fancy. I am a sketch artist who is branching out to the Digital Drawing and paintings. I mostly like to draw Aliens, Dinosaurs, Monsters, Dragons, MLP/Pony, and Anthro characters. I'm not good with backgrounds. and I only color my work when I have lined my sketches Digitally. My favorite stuff is Aliens and Dinosaurs. I used to draw alot of Godzilla too. but I love the work of the Late H.R. Giger. and not just for his 1979 Alien Creature. I also love his Sil from Species. very sexy and frightening work. it's a shame he died so soon.

I am rather easy to get along with and very open. so if you like to talk please do. I won't bite.... unless you like me to. :P
I am also into RP, and I RP a lot of things. even sexual content and certain fetishes, and I'm a big Pervert! I find no shame in having fun with my characters but I believe in drawing for myself, I don't draw for anyone's approval, if my work connects with you that's awesome. even if your a Pervert, your welcome to enjoy my characters and work. if it get's you aroused or want to jerk off, feel free. I don't believe in shaming people for liking what they see. I am also Bisexual, I find attraction in both men and women, and totally for Gay rights and hope to see gay marriage Legalized in all states and nations.

I am a very layed back kind of guy, very little will upset me so don't be afraid to ask me questions or talk to me.

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  • Mood: Outraged

Looking online I got interested in Dumpster Diving, an act that people go into the garbage of stores and such and find stuff that can be repurposed. while some would try and deture people from doing this by saying there are health dangers (although most I seen are from hardware and tech stores) but more or not it's still an act most people do because they often find really good stuff.

Some of you may have heard about the Gamestop Dumpster Diver who found controllers and Console that could have been repaired and all they did was cut the cord. some even worked! this guy was able to fix a lot of that stuff and got it working. he did another video where he and his wife found a perfectly good baby rocker and crib in a Buy Buy Baby Store Dumpster. ofcourse the cords were cut and the cloths were slashed but he plans to fix that.

but then I found a video that just Infuriated me! in Wichita Texas a man from Wichita Pet Rescue was looking through the garbage of a Petco Store, looking for pet food or Reptile stuff he can use at his shelter. and then he finds something that is heartbreaking. he finds is several boxes used to hold live animals and in one he finds a Baby Iguana! Looks no older then a few months Old! the guy took the iguana home but sadly could not save it. then when he went to the dumpster again he saw Another baby iguana in the garbage. thrown away with trash! here is the video if you want to watch it. it's enraging and it needs more awareness!…


OC Size Chart
I thought about it and felt I should make a size chart for my OCs. I wanted to make my characters all matters of different sizes, after all not everyone is the same hight and size. and this cannot be a rule for different species either.

Despite the names being under each character (the exception being my Dragonsona Titanus) I will do a roll call.

from left to right....

Toryk Bolthus (brachiosaurus), Rena McThald, Brandy (Giganotosaurus), Jessy (stegosaurus), Kama (human form alien hybrid), Nova (Kama's brother in alien form), Rahl (original Species, Galionus), and in the mid background Titanus, my fursona/dragonsona, a Magma Dragon male. (he is nude but Brandy is a sweetheart and is acting as a sexy censor bar, thus no mature rating)

the nude characters where given simple clothing. nothing to wright home about this is after all a size chart.

any questions? feel free to ask.
Kama Nude
with a Bikini version must include a Nude version! so here is Kama fully nude from the original picture. With background, Ofcourse. :)
Next will be her alien form! that I like her to be very voluptuous! 

Edit: Fixed the eyes.
Stockings for Vik by TITANOSAUR
Stockings for Vik
While I did immensely enjoy the fully nude version, I still felt She needed something, So I added some stockings, and its quite interesting how it enhances Vik's sexual appeal. after all while full nude can be hot, a little bit of clothing added to the nudity without covering up too much Can enhance the appeal.

Vik (c) :iconpredaguy: 

Art by Me
Brandy Pinup by TITANOSAUR
Brandy Pinup
it's been WAY too long since I did a picture of Brandy. not since her first picture. with this picture I decided to show off my girl completely. no pesky clothing to hide her shapes and colors. 

Please, Enjoy my Brandy.

Art belongs to me.

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