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I save art that I like


Kama Nude
with a Bikini version must include a Nude version! so here is Kama fully nude from the original picture. With background, Ofcourse. :)
Next will be her alien form! that I like her to be very voluptuous! 
Nostalgia time! anyone remember Space Jam?
Brandy Pinup by TITANOSAUR
Brandy Pinup
it's been WAY too long since I did a picture of Brandy. not since her first picture. with this picture I decided to show off my girl completely. no pesky clothing to hide her shapes and colors. 

Please, Enjoy my Brandy.

Art belongs to me.
Rena R McThald by TITANOSAUR
Rena R McThald
A new Bio with better Grammar and spelling with some help of a friend who fixed it up for me. so lots of thanks to my friend.

Rena © Me
Kama in Stockings by TITANOSAUR
Kama in Stockings
Kama is a filly who loves toy models, Video Games, and Snuggles! as she invites her anonymous visitor in bed, luring them over with her garter stockings!

and yes that is a Ponified NES Controller. I designed it for hooves.

MLP © Hasbro FiM Made by Lauran Faust.

Kama Belongs to me!

UPDATE: a little more never hurts, I added a pillow and stuffed dinosaur to the pic. :)
I now have a Patreon creator account. If you like what I do, Please support me, I can really use the help!


TITANOSAUR's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello, I am TITANOSAUR, You may call me Titan, or by my dragonsona Titanus. whichever tickles your fancy. I am a sketch artist who is branching out to the Digital Drawing and paintings. I mostly like to draw Aliens, Dinosaurs, Monsters, Dragons, MLP/Pony, and Anthro characters. I'm not good with backgrounds. and I only color my work when I have lined my sketches Digitally. My favorite stuff is Aliens and Dinosaurs. I used to draw alot of Godzilla too. but I love the work of the Late H.R. Giger. and not just for his 1979 Alien Creature. I also love his Sil from Species. very sexy and frightening work. it's a shame he died so soon.

I am rather easy to get along with and very open. so if you like to talk please do. I won't bite.... unless you like me to. :P
I am also into RP, and I RP a lot of things. even sexual content and certain fetishes, and I'm a big Pervert! I find no shame in having fun with my characters but I believe in drawing for myself, I don't draw for anyone's approval, if my work connects with you that's awesome. even if your a Pervert, your welcome to enjoy my characters and work. if it get's you aroused or want to jerk off, feel free. I don't believe in shaming people for liking what they see. I am also Bisexual, I find attraction in both men and women, and totally for Gay rights and hope to see gay marriage Legalized in all states and nations.

I am a very layed back kind of guy, very little will upset me so don't be afraid to ask me questions or talk to me.

░████ ░████░
If YOU role play, post this in your profile!

I support!




Things I like!

Anthropomorphic (mostly Dinosaurs, Reptiles, and Equine and Giraffes)

Non-Anthro (everything else I'm into mostly)

Big Breasts and wide hips (but not Hyper see my dislike list)


Bondage (light)





Buffed Muscular Men

Curvy women




Giant Robots




Hermophodites (I loves me some dick girl!)


Girl on Girl/Lesbianism (who can resist girl on girl action?)

Nerdy/Geeky characters

Things I really don't like

Religious Bigotry (I am an atheist)

Scat/Urolagnia/Watersports (.....who the fuck can be into that? it's gross!)

Shaming of any kind

Hyper fatness

Hyper Breasts

Hyper anything realy.

Vore (I.... I honestly don't understand it....)

Gore (In a scene Depicting a fight I get it. but if this gets you hard and wet then you need your head checked)

Rape (look if the character being fucked ain't enjoying it, I'm not gonna enjoy it)

Indoctrinating Forcing religion beliefs


Domestic Abuse (especially towards Children, if you get off by slapping a little kid around then your fucked up)

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