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United States
Hello, I am TITANOSAUR, You may call me Titan, or by my dragonsona Titanus. whichever tickles your fancy. I am a sketch artist who is branching out to the Digital Drawing and paintings. I mostly like to draw Aliens, Dinosaurs, Monsters, Dragons, MLP/Pony, and Anthro characters. I'm not good with backgrounds. and I only color my work when I have lined my sketches Digitally. My favorite stuff is Aliens and Dinosaurs. I used to draw alot of Godzilla too. but I love the work of the Late H.R. Giger. and not just for his 1979 Alien Creature. I also love his Sil from Species. very sexy and frightening work. it's a shame he died so soon.

I am rather easy to get along with and very open. so if you like to talk please do. I won't bite.... unless you like me to. :P
I am also into RP, and I RP a lot of things. even sexual content and certain fetishes, and I'm a big Pervert! I find no shame in having fun with my characters but I believe in drawing for myself, I don't draw for anyone's approval, if my work connects with you that's awesome. even if your a Pervert, your welcome to enjoy my characters and work. if it get's you aroused or want to jerk off, feel free. I don't believe in shaming people for liking what they see. I am also Bisexual, I find attraction in both men and women, and totally for Gay rights and hope to see gay marriage Legalized in all states and nations.

I am a very layed back kind of guy, very little will upset me so don't be afraid to ask me questions or talk to me.

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  • Reading: Guyver Bioboosted Armor Manga
  • Drinking: No-Brand Cola.
Started playing Warframe today, I must say it's quite fun. if anyone plays it and wants to add me as a in-game friend my Warframe Username is TITANOSAUR I might start a clan too so yeah.


Vik has a sword! by TITANOSAUR
Vik has a sword!
Commissioned by :iconpredaguy: to draw his Character, Vik. defenantly a beautiful, sexy, and strong character. I love her design and she's very curvy. the only thing I didn't do was the background. that was predaguy's work.

I also wanted to do new techniques with shading and lighting, I think it came out wonderfully!

Check out Predaguy's Stuff too, he's awesome, and you'll find more work of Vik from him.
Toryk Bolthus
Colored and shaded, I think he looks cute myself, Rena has him all for herself. lucky girl.

Was so tired of the dull colors this species is often given (jurassic park is the biggest offender) So I decided to draw inspiration from other sources, especially the old Kenner predator line.

(c) Titanosaur
An Old Book with a New Cover.
a long over due picture of an old OC of mine I decided to take out of the depths of my mind. Welcome back Rahl, Sporting an improved design and new color scheme. and yes, her nipples do indeed glow! as does her tentacles, being more inspired by Undersea Life as the species was intended to have been evolved from. Although I also got inspiration by the Pacific Rim Kaiju.

For those curious Rahl is a Galionus. a type of Alien Dinosaurid mixed with a squid with Insectoid features, but the design was greatly inspired by the late H.R. Giger. may he rest in peace with his dark creations.

Redhead Goddesses Censored
A collab with :iconpredaguy: of our two Characters. His character Vik giving my Character Rena a demonstration of what she can do with her tail. Be sure to check out Predaguy's page. he's wicked awesome and show support by visiting our patreon pages!

Vik © Predaguy

Rena McThald © Titanosaur (ME!)

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